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Cultivating Compassion Workshop Series

Our Cultivating Compassion Workshop Series shares with others the knowledge that we have gained caring for and supporting individuals living with ALS, their families and their communities. Cultivating Compassion helps to improve effective communication among individuals living with ALS, families and healthcare professionals, while shedding light on the realities of living with and dying of ALS. The workshops offer information on patient care as well as an opportunity to discuss individual experiences.

We have expanded the Cultivating Compassion Series to incorporate a more intimate type of gathering, known as “Circles of Support.” At these events, CCALS staff facilitates discussion for families, friends, and caregivers of those living with ALS in more private settings. Participants are welcome to ask any questions they may have. We provide answers that we have as well as proven resources that families can access. We will also assist with coordinating community support to the extent the family requests.

Below are workshops we offer at different times of the year. Sign up below to receive notification of future workshop dates.

ALS Patient, Family and Caregiver Support Program

When a family receives the devastating diagnosis of ALS, they are faced with an overwhelming array of questions, paperwork, medical advice, financial and logistical challenges, and life-altering changes. Conventional health care does not begin to address the complexity of these needs. That is where CCALS steps in to fill the void in services. Our ALS Patient, Family, and Caregiver Support Program includes making home visits to meet with families face to face; engaging in intimate dialogue around disease progression, dying and death; offering guidance, providing emotional support; helping families obtain durable goods not covered by insurance; and referrals to numerous specialists. In addition to frequently visiting those living with ALS at home, our staff are regularly available for consultation over the phone.

Contemplative Practice

Listen to audio files of meditations from Cultivating Compassion: Yoga Nidra. Daily Meditations for Living and Dying below.

Introduction to Meditation

Awareness Meditation

To purchase the Cultivating Compassion CD visit our store.

Van Program

Our van program has provided invaluable access to accessible and adequate transportation to our clients living with ALS. We provide wheelchair accessible vans for use for individual clients, caregivers and families, living in Massachusetts and surrounding states. Utilizing these vans allows those dealing with ALS to complete a variety of tasks, from spending the weekend on a family vacation, to being able to attend critical medical appointments. Our van program is essential in helping our clients maintain a higher quality of life, and a service we are proud to offer.

The CCALS Medicine Bag

CCALS has used our many years of experience working with ALS families to put together a collection of the best non-institutional resources that help bring dignity to those living with ALS. Our Medicine Bag is given to all new CCALS families and contains products like Gait Belts and Transfer Slings, that help patients stand and transfer from one space to another, and Pivot Disks, on which the patient stands to move from one location to the next when they can no longer move their legs. It also includes inspirational books and CDs that we have found beneficial. The Medicine Bag contains many items not covered by insurance that families might not anticipate needing when first diagnosed, but will be grateful to have at their disposal down the road.


Due to the limited mobility experienced as ALS progresses, our clients require access to a variety of items intended to improve quality of life and help their families and caregivers to better manage the issues associated with this degenerative disease. CCALS provides new equipment, in addition to equipment that was donated and refurbished. The items we offer include; wheelchairs, ramps, bath chairs, mattresses, voice amplifiers and speech augmentative equipment and communication boards.