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Team Compassionate Care Relay Team consisting of Danya Sloboda Bell, Matt Trudel, Nanci Miller, Dave Desjardins, Michael Ghilardi and me, Renier De Beer, who has ALS, will be racing for a cause in the Nashua Gate City Marathon on Sunday, 19 May. We will be dedicating the run to Compassionate Care ALS. I cannot say enough about this non profit team, led by the amazing Ron Hoffman, who are stretched to the limit in delivering and donating equipment to people with ALS as well as supporting their families and carers. With compassion. They remove the paperwork and red tape. No forms to sign or insurance agents to hold on the phone for. They just deliver. If you have a chance visit their website and read their story. Donate if you can.

Checks can be sent to:
CCALS – Gate City Marathon
PO Box 1052
West Falmouth, MA 02574